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This one-stop complete solution on bagclosers is sponsored by Shah & Company Shaco Enterprise. We are a 70-year-old company based in Bombay (Now Mumbai) - India and our products are in use with some 40 countries around the world. Our high quality products & friendly fast service has caught up with clients around the world and today we have agency arrangements in 25 countries. 

Originally starting off in sewing machinery spares, today we have diversified into:

Sewing Machinery (Industrial and Domestic)
Packaging and Bagging Machinery
Bag Closing, Bag Sealing Machinery and Materials
Tailoring Machinery and Materials
Garments Machinery and Materials
Pop Corn, Candy Floss, and Espresso Coffee Machinery

We have helped to set up bagging lines for hundreds of companies in India and abroad. We provide ready as well as custom made solutions to meet all bagging and packaging requirements. We have a fully equipped assembly unit for the machinery work shop and a separate team of trouble shooting and repair/service technicians for after sales service
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