What are Bagclosers?

Bag Closers are actually handy sewing machines. Their principal purpose and work is to close bags. Hence the name Bag Closers. 

Just like any sewing machine - the Bag Closer works with thread. Only it is a very heavy-duty sewing machine and it can sew even really thick and tough materials. Fast! (It has a built-in motor) 

The portability of the machine allows one to stitch wherever the bags are lined up or wherever the bag filling is going on - hence fast packing and convenience. other applications besides closing bags.

Waterproofing - for stitching long sheets of material like HDPE / PP

Making bags / sacks of Cloth, Jute, HDPE, Paper

Textiles for joining long layers of cloth - before they go for processing /dyeing.

But that's not all the real versatility of the machine comes up where it can be used in countless
Or any other application where long lengths of material / cloth have to be stitched / joined in a small working area. 

Contact Us If you use this machine for other applications or can think of some other use - We'd like to know and we will send you a small token for you input.

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