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Looking for a machine to close your bags? Look no further. We have different models to suit every requirement and need. And since we are so dedicated for Portable Bag Closers, we have managed to keep a constant, standard quality of machines and parts at unbelievably low prices. 

Machines from come with an unconditional Guarantee and an Accessories Box including a Tool Kit, User Manual with illustrated instructions for machine maintenance and threads good for about 200 bags. Finally no matter which model you choose… 70 years of experience in Bag Closing and Sealing Equipment back each of our products.

Single Thread Models
D (II) Model (Economy Model)
D (III) LX Model (Deluxe Model)
D (III) - HD Model (Heavy Duty Model)
D (LP-1) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

Double Thread Models
DT - N2 Model (for 2 lines of Stitch, simultaneously)
DT - N1 Model (for very heavy bags closing)
D (LP-2) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

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