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Our Portable Bag Closers incorporate the latest technological advances for enhanced efficiency….

We constantly upgrade the material used for making our machines. And today the aluminum casting body on our machine makes it perhaps the lightest Portable Bag Closer - only 5.5 kgs. And many parts are now replaced with PVC - so as to reduce the weight further.

All main parts are stainless steel & coated anodized chromium for lasting wear and protection from dust, chemicals & corrosion.

Our elegant shockproof polypropylene handle with matching PVC flexible, ensures reduced weight and better insulation.

The hard chrome surface gives its vital parts like needle plate, pressure foot & needle bar the power to resist corrosive chemicals for a longer time.

The hinged looper guard protects important parts from dust & grime.

Lastly, we have incorporated the latest static electricity liquid coating technique that renders our machines the looks of sleek & sturdy beauty.

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