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There are different portable bag closers for different bags, varied uses and applications.
The Single Thread Model

By far the most common - this model is used universally in vast number of industries for bag closing and bag stitching. It has a single thread roll and the stitch type is a single line chain stitch. It is the simplest machine in terms of ease-of-use and mechanism. And works fine for every type of bag for light or heavy work.
The Double Thread Model (With Double Needle)

This is used for heavier bags - where for double protection - a double line stitch becomes necessary. So that if one line of stitch opens during material handling - there's still one more line of stitch for secondary protection.
The Feather-LiteModel

This is a Feather-Lite Model, weighing only about 3.5 Kgs in weight. The machine actually gets strapped onto your wrist. Takes the load off your hands. Ideal for long hours of work or if you just simply want a comfortable model. 
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