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Single Thread Models
Model D (III) & D (III) LX - Fischbein Type. (for Kosha & Revo)
Model D(III) - HD.
Newlong NP-7A Type.

Double Thread (Single Needle) Model 
Model DT - N1 - Newlong NP-3II Type. 

Newlong NP-7A Type.

Needle Care
Threading & Tension
Needle & Looper
Needle Setting
Feed Dog
Presser Foot
Presser Foot Lifter
Other parts replacement
Motor Care
General Maintenance Tips


Clean and oil machine daily. For best results, use KOSHA Cleaning Solvent and KOSHA Lubricating Oil obtainable from or any Authorised Representative. 

Wash out dirt as follows: Unthread needle. With machine running, dip portion in three or four inches of solvent for about 10 seconds. Then in addition to the oil cups on the machine, oil all shafts, feed dog carrier mechanism, and cutting knife parts. (Important: Do not use gasoline or kerosene as a cleaning solvent.)


Needle Care 

Due to vibrations in Needle Bar - after some weeks of machine usage - the needle tends to slip from the Needle Bar. If it slips too low, then it will strike the parts underneath, causing breakage & machine downtime. 

To avoid this - every few weeks, loosen the Needle Nut a little, then push the needle upwards as much as possible - till it goes up no longer. Then tighten the Needle Nut again - so that Needle is now back again in its original position. 

Dip the thread cone in our Special Thread Lubricating oil for 2 minutes and then fix the cone onto the machine. When the oil-soaked thread passes through the needle-hole during operation, it reduces the needle temperature (Needle cools down) and thereby reducing chances that instantly cools down the needle during operation. Also the lubricant binds the thread plies, making re-threading easier.

When tar coated bags are stitched, the needle becomes sticky and extremely hot during operation. At 2000 S.P.M. needle cooling is a must otherwise it will result in more needle breakages.


Threading & Tension

The machine is delivered being threaded to show you proper threading of the machine, which is shown in for identification. Follow the guide numbers 1 to 7.

1/2. Thread Eyelet 
3.      Tension Disc
4.      Thread Eyelet
5.      Needle Bar
6.      Thread Eyelet
7.      Needle

Thread Tension is adjustable by turning the Thread Tension Nut. Turn the Nut clockwise for tighter tension and counter-clockwise for looser.



Needle & Looper

Looper must pass the concave part of Needle with clearance of 0.1 mm. Adjustment of the clearance can be done after loosening the screw of Looper Rocker.






Needle Setting

Turn the pulley until Needle Bar reaches its highest position. Loosen Needle Bar Clamping Nut, and set Needle in the Bar as deep as it will go.
Be sure to set a Needle with its concave part facing correctly toward the looper. Fix Clamping Nut tightly, otherwise Needle may come loose during operation and break












Feed Dog

When installing a new feed dog ensure that it is positioned correctly onto the feed dog carrier block and lightly tighten the fixing screw. Check that the feed dog teeth are 2.8mm above the throat plate when the feed dog is in the highest position before final tightening of the fixing screw..






Pressure of Presser Foot

When to adjust the pressure of Presser Foot, take out Needle Bar Guard and loosen Screw of Presser Bar Connection. Move up Presser Bar to increase the pressure and down to decrease. After the adjustment, tighten the Screw firmly.












Presser Foot Lifter (Special Order)

The Presser Foot Lifter is used to lift the Presser Foot and pull out a bag from under the Presser Foot in case of a problem such as bag or thread jamming.


How to use Hook (Special Order)

The Hook on the Pulley Cover is used to install a Shoulder Belt or a Hanger.


Other parts replacement

For replacement or adjustment of Ball Rod, refer to Fig.12.

Take out Screw
and disconnect Rod End from Needle Bar Lever After loosening the Nut adjust the clearance between Connecting Rod and Rod End , So that Needle Bar moves in the center of the clearance between the upper and lower Presser Bar Bushings. (Needle Bar stroke is 37 mm.)
To fix Eccentric Cam
on Main Shaft , tighten the Screws and on Main Shaft (Eccentric Cam should Contact Space slightly.)
The position of Needle is adjusted so that the distance between the point of needle (at its highest position) and Throat Plate is 13 mm, after loosening screw on Needle Bar Connection Assembly
in Fig.12.

Screw 11/64S40084
Rod End 6A04001
Needle Bar Lever 242051A
Nut 1N8
Connecting Rod Assembly 242011A
Needle Bar Connection Assembly 242101A
Eccentric Cam (Part of Connecting Rod Assembly) 242011
Main Shaft 241102
, Screw 11/64S40001
Spacer 241161

Adjust Looper Drive Cam
When necessary as follows : (Refer to Fig. 13.)

a) Apply the Screws
and on the taper of Main Shaft.
b) Adjust Arm (B)
, so that Looper Drive Cam and Arm (A) move smoothly. After adjusting, fix the screw tightly.
c) The clearance between Looper Drive Cam
and Arm is effected by spring . Loosen Screw and turn Spring Supporter to adjust the pressure of Spring . After adjusting, tighten the Screw to fasten Spring Supporter.

Main Shaft 241102
, Screw 15/64S28524
Looper Drive Cam 243012
Looper Rocker Shaft Arm (B) 243081
Looper Rocker Shaft Arm (A) 243071
Screw for Looper Rocker Shaft Arm (B) 11/64S40009
Spring 243131
Spring Supporter 243121
Screw for Spring Supporter Block 11/64S40003



1. Keep off dust or foreign matter when to fill oil (They may cause jamming of
    the piston and the check valve.) 
Rate of discharge is fixed and not adjustable (0.08cc per push.)
3. At high temperatures, grease may run along points (A). This is normal,
    grease being used when the lubricator was assembled in our planet.
4. Reservoir is made of high density polyethyiene. Keep off fire and refrain
    from using organic, benzene, or xylene chemicals for cleaning.
5. Check Periodically for correct working of the pump. (Repeat oil feed and
    look at the oil through the discharge pipe.)


Motor Care

Your Bag Closer Motor is of continuous Rating, which means that it can run without stopping for long time, but as far as possible it should not be run for long periods of time continuously. It is made for start and stop operations only, such as those required by bag closing. Careful usage & few minutes of rest every half hour will increase motor life.

Carbon Brushes should be inspected at regular intervals so that wear can be detected, and replaced before they are about 1/8" in length. To remove brushes, take out two screws from each side of motor, when replacing carbon brush, be sure it is replaced at the same axial position as removed. If it isn't, excessive sparking and loss of power will result. New carbon brushes are furnished with machine and can be purchased from us at any time (Part No. D1-143). Before replacing check if original carbon brushes were Square or Round, and replace accordingly.

No motor will operate properly unless the bearings are kept well lubricated. Ball bearings are packed with grease sufficient for a period of one to two years, depending on the service given to the motor and temperature of the room in which it operates. 

To refill, remove the end caps covering the bearing and clean out the old grease before putting in the new. If the ball bearing is removed for washing in gasoline, the built-in grease seal should be facing towards the motor interior when replaced. Use only well known make of Sodium Base Ball Bearing Grease.


General Maintenance Tips

Clean the machine at the end of the day's work, and oil the bushings, shaft, etc. that are not lubricated by a lubricator. Wipe dust and other foreign matter off the Feed Dog teeth Looper and Throat Plate eyelet where they are easily gathered.

Care should be taken to keep the machine free from dust, especially when to leave it unused for some time.


The motor body should not be opened for the maintenance.
2. When adjusting the machine or replacing parts, always disconnect the
    Electric Cord from the power source.
3. This is important in view of safety to the operator and adjuster.

1. Carry the machine in a storage box.
2. After the use of the machine, remove the plug, clean the dirt, take the
    thread from the machine and then put it into a storage box.We suggest
    you to use a soft brush to clean the rear of the machine.
3. Never store the machine under the sunlight dried or wet condition.


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