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Single Thread Models
D (II) Model (Economy Model)
D (III) LX Model (Deluxe Model)
D (III) - HD Model (Heavy Duty Model)
D (LP-1) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

Double Thread Models
DT - N2 Model (for 2 lines of Stitch, simultaneously)
DT - N1 Model (for very heavy bags closing)
D (LP-2) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

Stitch Sample

D (III) - LX Model (Deluxe Model)

The D(III) - LX model is a fast speed, handy bag closer - built for strength & long life. Its lustrous paint finish & anti-corrosive coating make it the ideal machine in industries like cements, paints, and chemicals - keeping the body rust-free for years. 

Also this model is specially suited for thick materials stitching. All types of bags & any material can be closed - and even the thickest Burlap & Jute or 8 Ply Paper bags are stitched with ease.

Superior Features:
Sturdy Pump for Auto-oil Lubrication system - instant oil release through the machine at the press of a button.
All steel main parts - for use in chemicals, cements etc for long life.
Soft, low sound machine & dust - resistant motor.

Other Features:
Totally shock proof Polypropylene handle.
Allen key screw systems - for longer holding power of parts - built to last -Oiling possible from outside the machine as well as by the Auto Pump.

D (III) - LX Model
Standard Price Bagclosers Price
US$ ? 143.02 US$ ? 136.05
INR 6150.00 INR 5850.00
Weight 6 Kgs
Needle(s) 1
Needle Type DB x 1 No. 25 
Thread(s) Single Thread (PP, Polyester or Cotton)
Stitch Type 1 Line, Chain Stitch 
Motor 8000 RPM, 1/10 FHP (220 V or 110 V as required)


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