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Single Thread Models
D (II) Model (Economy Model)
D (III) LX Model (Deluxe Model)
D (III) - HD Model (Heavy Duty Model)
D (LP-1) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

Double Thread Models
DT - N2 Model (for 2 lines of Stitch, simultaneously)
DT - N1 Model (for very heavy bags closing)
D (LP-2) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-UP Type)

Stitch Sample

D (LP-2) - Feather-Lite Model (SAC-Up Type)

If you're looking for something small, compact & light in Portable Bag Closers, then this is your choice.
A novel new design, this machine affords the user: comfort, ease of use & a feather-lightness on the hands. Just strap machine belt on the wrist & you're ready to go. Perfect for long hours of bagging & ever complaining labour.. !

Also the Double Threads, gives 2 lines of Protective Stitch in one go so double the work in same time.

Superior Features:
Small & compact machine body, weighing only 3.5 kgs with the thread roll.
2 Threads, gives 2 lines of stitch, for Double Protection (if 1 stitch opens, there's still 1 more for safety)
Comfortable fit on the wrist, with easy thumb-press micro switch operation.
Belt-less motor drive... no headaches of belt breakage / slippage.

Other Features:
Belt-less drive results in faster motion of motor, thus faster stitching speed.
Twin needle design is unique & efficient in working for 2 lines of stitch .
Easy working design & very simple to clean & maintain.

Weight 3.75 Kgs
Needle(s) 2
Needle Type DB x 1 No. 25 
Thread(s) 2 Threads (PP, Polyester or Cotton)
Stitch Type 1 Line, Chain Stitch 
Motor 8000 RPM, 1/10 FHP (220 V or 110 V as required)


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