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Single Thread Models 
Model D (III) & D (III) LX - Fischbein Type. (for Kosha & Revo)
Model D(III) - HD.
Newlong NP-7A Type.

Double Thread (Single Needle) Model 
Model DT - N1 - Newlong NP-3II Type. 

Model D (III)-HD Fischbein Type.

To ensure successful operation of machine, study the following instructions with care.

Hold machine in right hand with forefinger on switch button at bottom of handle as shown in photographs. Slight finger pressure against switch button will start machine. Machine automatically stops when pressure is released.

Hold bag top in left hand at starting side and position the bag material close to and between machine's pressure foot and throat plate. Machine will now automatically engage bag when starting button is pressed. After sewing an inch or two on bag, stop machine by releasing the starting button. Then move left hand to the finishing side of bag and proceed to finish closing.

To finish the closing operation, run machine off the bag two or three inches. With Machine running, pull thread chain into "V" shaped slot at the rear of throat plate where moving knife will automatically cut thread chain. With a little practice, thread cutting operation can be accomplished swiftly by merely rotating the machine slightly in a counter-clockwise direction after the bag has been closed.

Always sew well above the contents of the bag. Do not sew further than four inches down from the top of the textile bag, and not more than two inches down from the top of the paper bag. Never interfere with the feeding of the machine as it sews across the bag, by pulling it, holding it back, or pulling up.

Note: When closing bags that are thick seamed on both sides such as Hessain A-Twill or Sisal bags, pull the seam on the starting side of bag two or three inches to one side, so that you start closing on the bag and not the seam. 


How to close a paper bag

After the bag is filled weighed, and ready for closing, the operator should first bring the 2 sides of the bag together. Next, fold or "break" the top of the bag sharply over contents. Bring the top of the bag upright into closing position. The sides will be close together, smooth, and wrinkle-free. Proceed with the sewing operation, but sewing no more than two inches down from top of bag.

If sifting is a problem, merely tuck in the inner ply tightly over contents and proceed to sew remaining plies.

Note: Sufficient top space is necessary to properly close any bag.


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