Start-Up Operating Maintenance Diagnosis Chart
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Single Thread Models
Model D (III) & D (III) LX - Fischbein Type. (for Kosha & Revo)
Model D(III) - HD - Newlong NP-7A Type.

Double Thread (Single Needle) Model 
Model DT - N1 - Newlong NP-3II Type. 

Model DT - N1 - Newlong NP-3II Type. 

1. Hold the machine at the handle in your right hand.
2. Support the bag slightly by your left hand and insert the edge of a bag between presser foot or feed dog.
3. Push the switch button or the handle by your index finger to stitch the bag. Apart your index finger from the push button to stop the machine.
4. After stitching, the plain chain stitch with 1-2 inches in length shall be pressed down in the gutter of throat plate to be cut down by knives mounted on the machine.

Note: Stitch the bag synchronously with the speed of feed dog. If the bag is pulled out faster than that of feed dog, it causes mis-stitch or needle break.


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