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Single Thread Models 
Model D (III) & D (III) LX - Fischbein Type. (for Kosha & Revo)
Model D(III) - HD.
Newlong NP-7A Type.

Double Thread (Single Needle) Model 
Model DT - N1 - Newlong NP-3II Type. 

Newlong NP-7A Type.

Before starting, make sure that the supply voltage accords with the specification of the motor. Hold the machine in your right hand and place your index finger on the switch button on the handle. Hold the bag in your left lightly and insert the bag mouth between Feed Dog and Presser Foot. 

Run the machine with empty bags and make sure you are well versed in its operation before entering into actual operation. Run the machine while keeping the bag straight. Never pull or pull back the bag. After closing, the thread is cut by the built-in nibbler type cutter. When cutting the thread, leave at least 3 cm long extended tail to prevent the unwilling loosening of the seam.










The lubricator comprises a pump and a reservoir. The reservoir holds max 45 cc of oil. (Effective oil volume is 28 cc.)
Use mineral oil 22-32cSt at 40C (Eg. Tellus oil #32.)

To operate the lubricator:
1. First unscrew the reservoir cap by half a turn. *
2. Push the button to its lowest position (stroke: 12mm.)
3. When released, the button will automatically return to its original position.
4. Lastly, tighten the cap to prevent oil leak during operation.

* Repeated working on the button without first loosening the cap may produce negative pressure in the reservoir, and the dust in the atmosphere may be easily introduced in it when the cap is loosened.


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